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Traditional curriculum of Chinese Martial Arts. School focuses on health, longevity, combat, and lineage. Not a “fighting for sport” school. Solid academy offering kung fu, tai chi chaun, and qi gong teachings.

— Nawfal Aquinas


Sifu Saleem offers a diverse curriculum tailored to the student depending on his/her individual goals and strengths. I had severe equilibrium issues stemming from a service connected disability when I began training approximately 16 months ago and my balance has since improved markedly. I highly recommend all of the school’s programs, but am especially fond of the Sun Style Tai Chi and Hung Gar. Lam Tang offers a rare opportunity to learn authentic kung fu from some of the most proven and storied lineages in Chinese martial arts (Lam Sai Wing, Tang Fung, and Sun Lu Tang) from a recognized disciple of these family systems./span>

— Jonathan Graab

Great family atmosphere and traditional teachings.

— Robert Williams

Lam Tang Kung Fu School is an excellent choice for someone wishing to pursue traditional Chinese martial arts. The Sifu has a superior lineage and extensive knowledge of kung fu/tai chi chuan. The training methods are effective and engaging and will challenge anyone who wishes to excel in the martial arts. There are a variety of disciplines to study including Tai Chi Chuan, Hung Gar kung fu, and Qi Gong. The school is trustworthy, dedicated, and has a positive atmosphere. I encourage anyone with interest in Chinese martial arts in the region to make Lam Tang their first choice.

— James Brazelle

I have trained at Lam Tang for several years studying Wu Tai Chi and Tiger & Crane Kung Fu. Sifu Saleem not only has expert knowledge in Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Qi Gong, but he also knows how to transfer that knowledge in a way the student can understand. Not to say that it’s easy; the training can be rigorous, but at Lam Tang you are sure to find martial art styles that you can not find anywhere else in South Carolina. Maybe that’s why the school has been open for over 25 years!

— Brandon Haltiwanger