An Empty Vessel

The interconnecting and true expression of a movement exists in the moment of execution of  thought. Since water jugaction follows thought, it is necessary for an opponent to allow his mind to exist from the reference point of the adversary. This means not to force your actions against the action of the exchange, but to harmoniously engage the opponent’s thoughts as they are expressed and committed. It is a necessary position in order to form a reference point for that adversary. The reference point reveals a multitude of possibilities, and these references dissolve from moment to moment and may not be the same upon repetition.

In order to allow one’s mind to exist from the reference point of the adversary requires insight. Insight is granted in compatibility to one’s intelligent foresight. Information is brought into the mind by way of sound and images. In accomplishing our desires, we succeed or fail based on calculating theories and cunning estimations of probabilities of distance and directions. All shapes tell the story of the thought process through the travel and degree of energy. The goal is to elevate your thoughts and perceptions to form a network of accurate triangulation while establishing a distance between two points, or the relative position of two or more points. The relative position will indicate the complexity as measured by time, skill, and intelligent foresight, merged with a mindset of adaptability of “change to fit change.” Change may be needed to create suitability with possibilities of motionless motion. The concept of concealing motion in stillness permeates the mind, body, spirit and emotions, which leads to an interpretation of possible configurations. Let’s refer to this as Motionless Motion because it permeates and resonates in one’s spirit through subtle hints. However one must first understand the actual configuration that is imbedded and observed in the stillness. This interconnected network of motion (external to internal), and stillness (internal to external), is extended outwardly and expresses in nonverbal communications by way of points and lines. This equation of free motionless motion has within it the ability for grouping the fundamentals of essentials of motion as dictated by the invariable physical laws regarding reference points, lines …both straight (direct) and curved (indirect) and that are revealed and exerted in certain circumstances. These circumstances require specific actions for specific results. Stillness contains motion in shape and motion is born out of stillness. The misunderstood sophistication of stillness is a simulation of calculated measures of perceived mutual dealings in the engagement. It is this relationship that gives birth to the process of interchangeability of roles of the points and lines becoming the thought and thought action. This thought substance reflects in silence the simplicity and perfection of dualism or action/ reaction. This Action/reaction Law states: “When one body exerts force on another, the second body exerts a collinear force on the first, equal in magnitude, but oppositely directed.” Action and reaction are equal and opposite concepts.

A second concept is to meet and join, blend and absorb, and conceal your intent to produce consequences of actions. It is necessary to merge, consolidate and hijack patterns to interrupt all elements of engagement to include distinct outlines or all shapes. This theory of disturbance is quiet and still.

The third concept is to acquire the capacity of an even temperament by subduing emotions and uplifting the spirit. It includes suppressing conscious thoughts and manifesting through your innate capacity as you coexist in the continuum of perception, reaction, and time. This is governed by psychological adaptation requiring one to live in the moment and inherit mechanisms of unknown elements, or stimulus/response. Allow the concepts to unfold the sense perception like a kaleidoscope of illusions, attacking and distracting mental calculations. Enclosed within this thought system that gives life to all gestures is the concept that all things are revealed to he who is patient. Decisions are born out of situations, and choices out of skills or abilities to bring forth solutions which must be absolute in response to transformations.

Harmonious effects and results are created by perceiving through the senses. This intelligent interpretation of movement is an expression of mathematical functions which bond with the economy of motion, maximizing reaction and efficiency of movement, minimizing energy dispersion, to include conservation of energy. The fourth concept, Conservation of Energy, which states that the principles that are in the system (in our case this will be referring to shapes), is not subject to any external forces (actions). The amount of energy is constant, despite its changes in form. This refers to the energy that resides in shapes to include the energy that resides in stillness. It is through the experience of mathematical functions that one can connect and express physical calculations that develop within a structure through developing and deconstructing.


Simple stone upon a hill, teaching the art of being still.

…….author unknown



Hesitation, the Quick Freeze

Hesitation interferes with the Universal Law of Action/Reaction (“For every action there is an equal and hesitateopposite reaction” … Sir Isaac Newton). Hesitation separates the desired, conscious and calculated response from the equation, by hijacking the thought process and causing a multitude of breakdowns, first attacking the mind, and then the body. Hesitation, the quick freeze, stops all thought processes and opens the door of fear, allowing self-doubt and further hesitation to manifest. Hesitation strikes the body like lightening, turning it on itself. The heart begins to beat off rhythm, as the lungs squeeze, grasping for air. Vision is blurred and unsure. The mind becomes its own worst enemy, as it allows fear and doubt to creep in. Fear gives birth to doubt, doubt leads to hesitation, …and failure. Once hesitation enters your mind, it brings the seeds of doom with it, which is why in strategy, my rule is Know myself and strengthen my weaknesses. …Know not myself, and destruction is mine for certain.” Destruction cannot exist where there is a strong foundation of preparation. No matter how long a person may have been doing a thing, if there is hesitation, then there is also a high possibility of failure. Hesitation can paralyze the whole creative process and to be in combat, you need to be in the moment. The scattered mind that is left behind after hesitation strikes, is in a weakened state of fear and doubt.

Hesitation, the mind-killer, can turn your own strengths into weaknesses. Hesitation can strike slowly or extremely quickly. It matters not, since the seeds of hesitation are born within. The external influences that we allow to access our minds can have positive or negative impacts on our view of all things. In other words, the mental preparation for combat begins way before that first blow of the physical engagement itself. Strategic conceptualization begins silently, hiding within the conscious and subconscious minds of the individual. There are a numerous amount of obstacles that need to be prepared for. Just as water can penetrate a rock, hesitation can and will do the same to a fighter’s will, focus, mental state and ability. Slowly and steadily, they are chipped away from the core until defeat arrives. Hesitation is like quicksand, slowly absorbing all the fight until you succumb. It matters not about your physical abilities, your level of attainment, or your physical strength. When hesitation strikes deep within, the roots of your mind turn inward on themselves. Hesitation is a form of stress, and like all stress, it places a powerful impact on the body and mind. Examples are headaches, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, and emotional destabilization leading to anger, anxiety, and depression. The chemical imbalances can develop into a dangerous poison that will lead to destruction. In combat, perception is all you really have. The clearer the perception, the more accurate are your decisions. A martial artist must be flexible and able to make agile mental and physical adjustments, understand the power of mastery over tenants of fear, and be able to recognize the traits of it.

Through knowing where your fear lies, filtering your experiences and renewing with positive new perceptions, you can contain or eliminate fear. So, through a careful selective process, fear, doubt and hesitation can be defeated. The tools lie within each individual and can only be discovered after gathering total knowledge of your physical and emotional intellectual aptitudes. We are an experiential combination of the things we feel and believe, and these have a strong impact us. Both positive and negative intellectual and emotional influences impact our total connection, and knowledge of how we see ourselves and our world. Attempt to become aware of the forces that resonate in the internal and external environment. A great martial artist must live inside out and outside in. This means that a great martial artist is connected inside outwardly from his soul to the external environment, sensing all life forms and energies that he is exposed to. The great martial artist must also to be able to respect the energetic expressions of the possibility from outside elements while seeking balance and nourishing his spirit. The causes of hesitation reflect upon many habits and distorted beliefs that have now attached to conscious and subconscious thoughts. This influences perception and actions and reactions. Hesitation in combat is a fatal form of self-destruction. It allows for imperfection to dominate years of striving for perfection, while derailing the brain’s harmonious distribution of energy, causing a mental meltdown.