Expanding Perception

Of all the ingenious qualities that have been nurtured within man, that of perception is immeasurably powerful and stimulating. Perception lures man to peer into the waters of inexhaustible possibilities.

Initially, there is perception, then comes a process of creative, exploratory, and conceptual thought, which leads to action. The original perception is neutral, then thought begins a search progression through old roots of embedded values, and supporting evaluations that lie deep within the mind and body, while at the same time striving to built new ones. In order for perception to be expressed, it must become charged either emotionally or intellectually. These two types of perception will have a dramatic impact on one’s mental attitude. Through filtering your emotionally charged perception and balancing your intellectual perception, you will be able to grow toward self-mastery with an expanded, more harmonious, and infinite consciousness. Perception is an invisible field of overlapping realities that are engaged by one’s own vibrational viewpoint. Most individuals are not aware of the overlapping of realities, until realities reveal themselves in relationship to changes in perception. This results in growth of mental attitudes and expanded awareness and possibilities. Conscious awareness expands and contracts. I expand and contract. The Earth expands and contracts reflecting a harmonious natural intelligence functioning in Oneness through divine expression. Perceptions are windows into realities, be they fixed or flexible. Thoughts are doorways to possible realities. Perception exists in perfect form and imperfect relationship with itself. The perceptions we have are the reality we create.



I am a cluster of consciousness on a passage of growth. Existing in a Universe of multiple realities, there is a constant metamorphosis and fusion with epic possibilities.

Perception is the direct reflection of an individual’s knowledge, experience, and faith. Perception is ever changing and the reality that we hold today will or will not reflect in harmony with the perceived reality of the future. Our perceptional reality is limited and much like peering through a kaleidoscope. We only perceive the world as we believe it to be and according to our acceptance of this. Our beliefs are held together by our faith. Hence comes a perceptional reality that is individual for each of us. Our perception is relative to our reality and our interpretation and our acceptance of it. With each shake of the kaleidoscope the image of reality we are perceiving changes. In the same way, the experiences that we have in our lives may have a dramatic effect on our own perception of reality. The growth that we are challenged with will either carry us forward into new expanded perceptions or we will remain fixed in perceptual stagnation.

The sensory shower that we constantly bathe in from infancy to adulthood, allows the emotional connections to filter and blend with our perception. Experiences and thoughts are given emotional charges through sensations that reinforce them with emotional radiance. This strengthens the expression of the total experience not just with the perceptional point of view but also with a new combination of perceptual and emotional intertwining at a heightened level. Reminiscing over experience reactivates the emotional charges which increasingly serve to strengthen the perception.

This can be good or bad. The knowledge that we accumulate will reinforce our action in the direction of our perception. Our faith will contain it all together and give us the strength to stand and argue our perception.

As a martial artist, it is vital to have focused clarity coupled with open-mindedness that is married with possibilities of the unperceived. Such things as skills, seen and unseen, concepts, known and unknown, methods that are clear or unclear, must be calculated and regurgitated in a clear and concise manner in order for the martial artist to achieve his desired results.


The Elevated Mind

We exist in a universe that is constantly expressing itself micro-cosmically. The multitude of energetic elevated mindvibrations, some which we are aware of and some which we are not, are in tune with the expansion and contraction of life itself and is therefore connected and expressed throughout our entire mind/body being, to the degree that we could probably say that the mind/body is a receiver and transmitter of information on several levels. This energetic interaction gives the body what we could call an inherent intelligence connection and expression that teaches us through existence and experimentation. The plasticity of the mind/body reflects inwardly and outwardly the microcosmic impact of the universe. This however, is based on the ability of the mind/body to receive energy and resonate energetically with the cosmic universe, giving us the ability to receive as well as to give off information energetically.

Every living thing has the ability to give off energy, yet, energy falls into two main categories: generating energy and non-generating energy. Generating energy reflects giving and receiving, while non-generating energy can only receive energy. As a living, breathing energetic unit, it is of utmost importance for each of us to strive to give and receive the energies that we come into contact with physically, and also those we create mentally. An example of this is how we create a relationship between the mind and body with Qi cultivation. We must spend time performing certain meditational breathing techniques, and focus turning our senses (mainly through “listening”) inwardly, so that we can develop a connection with the elusiveness of Qi.

The effects of these energies have dramatic impact upon us. They can reshape our minds, which in turn, influence our soul and spirit, which will bring us back home to the Oneness. When a martial artist is able to elevate his or her thought processes and in turn be able to tune into a higher divine level, the mind has the ability to capture thoughts that have existed on that level, and fuse with the higher divine thought process.