Becoming a Disciple of Truth

Pure Truth, like the sought after Philosopher’s Stone said to be the elixir of life, is at that essential core where enlightened seekers find great treasures disguised in pure simplicity.


The martial artist who lives in worldly illusions lives in confusion. Illusions are based on a mental state of falsehoods, leaving a person in a state of mental deception of which they are unaware and in total acceptance of their mental state. The pinnacle of a martial artist’s growth is searching for self truth which will govern his entire existence. This self truth is a living essence that can grow or shrink, depending on deeds, growing with goodness, or shrinking with unkind actions. This self truth is an internal compass that can guide one through all life’s obstacles. A martial artist must learn how to protect this essence. There are invisible subliminal experiences that radiate our psyche polluting and corrupting truth. This influences our perception, and acceptance, and actions based on what we believe is truth. Truth causes man to stand for a principal even if he disagrees with it.

Man’s truth lies within himself. As he believes, so shall he be. Man’s truth is seen in his creative expressions, and his usage of his freewill, which can be used to search, learn and express the truth or the untruth. Before one can perceive pure truth, it is mandatory that one be in a state of Oneness with all things. Your mind must operate in the now because the now is where your truth exists. To spend time dwelling on the past, or focusing on the future is idle daydreaming. In the now, you begin to nourish the truth. You begin to speak the truth. And you begin to live the truth. Sooner or later, you will begin to transmute all distractions that are intended to keep you from the truth. The truth is pure in its original essence. Time can corrupt truth and pollute it with opinions of the many, turning the clean flowing truth into gossip, myths, and deceptions, that become a tool to dissuade those who seek truth. On his path of martial development, truth must be at the core of the martial artist, and become his compass to gauge and track his growth. Know thyself should be the motto of the martial artist as he sets his sights on goals that must be wrapped in truth within himself and without. Truthfulness allows the martial artist to see himself as he is, and understand that his weaknesses will be his strengths tomorrow. He also understands that his strengths are to be used to elevate his desires. The pathway to truthfulness lies in the void, and the void lies within. The three harmonies of mind, body and spirit, and a path of meditation is the one to follow. The truth will always reflect the moral strength of a person and as such, the truth will manifest itself as man grows into his higher self. Truth is not a belief that man has to create. Truth is eternal. Truth is.

I am an antennae for Truth, reaching out for information to nourish my soul and elevate my spirit. ………Sifu Saleem


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