Precision Nourishes the Soul

DSCF3285-300x225In spite of the multitude of Martial Art forms and movements that one may collect, and the level of proficiency that one may attain with them, the ingredient of precision is of utmost importance. Precision allows your technique to radiate and express itself in a variety of ways. There are many different levels of precision, such as the procession of body which involves the placement of steps and alignment and connection of oneself. The precision of breath allows one to expand upon the natural energy of Qi that it has and elevate it to another level and more importantly, to achieve more physical output with minimal breath.

The next level is precision of mind, in which thoughts crystallize into a unified, clear consciousness giving insight of what a fighter or his opponent can accomplish and all possibilities of engagement. The tempered crystallization of the spirit allows the individual to accomplish all these things in a tranquil state that is beyond verbal explanation and must be experienced to understand. This crystallized precision of spirit stimulates the activation of the Soul. This acts like a tuning fork allowing the individual to express intent from inside out and outside-in. This expression is so strong that to witness it gives recognition of the alignment of body and Soul and demonstrates clearly the mastery of the crystallization process. So, the spirit brings calmness, peace, and stillness, to the mind, body and Soul. It acts to balance and bring equilibrium. At this point, we are no longer in competition; we are in complete harmony with Nature, and a part of the Oneness of Creation.



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